Why choose us?

We are proud to offer a wholesale service for our biggest fans who also want to serve the best pie and mash since 1862.

Whether you’re a restaurant, pub, pop up or other establishments, we can supply you pie and mash, liquor and eels at trade price. 

As the original eel and pie house family, and with Robert Cooke being noted as the first person to serve pie, mash and liquor on a plate alongside eels, we want to share the joy and make sure everyone is getting to enjoy it as much as us. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this service, please click the button below to get in touch.

F. Cooke Chelmsford

Cost Effective

We will supply you with our products at an honest trade price. No need to break the bank.

Quality Assured

We make all our food in house to ensure our pie and mash are at the highest of standards.

Fresh Produce

We use the freshest of ingredients throughout our menu to guarantee the same great taste since 1862.

Reliable Delivery

Our produce will be packaged, shipped and delivered as quick as possible, maintaining freshness and the F.Cooke experience.

freshly baked pie
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